“Chaat King” of India

Who’s Behind the ‘Chaat King’

Hardayal Maurya Ji is eminently known as Chaat King of India. He is the only man behind the most popular “Basket Chaat” of Royal Cafe in Lucknow.

The Story

Hardayal Maurya Ji is having magics in their hands, that’s why their chaat become famous all over the world. He started his business in Pune and years after years he become successful but he realised that their is no fun when your sub ordinates makes chaat to customers and you are relaxing in the air conditioned room. So he sold out his 36 branches of Pune in a single day because of just one thing and moved from Pune to Lucknow. Now he started his business in Lucknow and makes food with his hands that makes customer happy and ultimately makes him more happy.

Interesting Fact

When you visit this place you saw various portraits of film-stars and famous personalities enjoying delicious chaats. Not only in India, he is also famous outside India in America & France where people appreciate Hardayal Ji magical taste.

Must Have

  • During your visit never ever forgot to eat his special Basket Chaat which is indulge in creamy curd with sauce and made with home made spices and condiments.
  • Next on your wish list should be Spinach Chaat made with spinach coated with gram flour and deep fried for awesome taste and loaded with curd and magical spices.
  • Now the time is for Matar Chaat made with white dried peas and then made it to crispy for delighted flavor.


51, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Sushanpura, Hazratganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001

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