“Shri Mankameshwar Temple” Founded By Lord Shiva

It is believed in Hindu Religion that every wish of devotee who comes here with true mind will be fulfilled. The sacred Mankameshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord shiva and located in Agra.

Source: facebook.com/shrimankameshwar

Despite of visiting Taj Mahal or Red Fort , Agra is having many others famous and ancient places to visit and one of such place is Mankameshwar Temple. During these days of Saavan( a sacred month according to Hindu religion) devotees from different corners of India come here and pay a visit.

Why it is called as Mankameshwar?

It is believed that Shivling was established by Lord Shiva himself in Dwapar Yuga. According to the legend, Lord Shiva, who left from Kailash after wishing to see childlike of Shri Krishna in Mathura, spent a night here and meditated.

Source: facebook.com/shrimankameshwar

He vowed that if he could feed Kanha on his lap, he would establish a Shivling here. The next day when he reached Gokul (Mathura) then Yashoda Mai called Shiva and gave Kanha in his lap.

In return, Shiva came here and established the Shivalinga and said that the way my heart’s wish was fulfilled here, in the same way, the wishes of every devotee who come here with true mind will be fulfilled.

Specialty of Temple

  • The specialty of this temple is that, if any, do not want to go inside the temple then one can see Shivling from outside here.
  • Shiva Linga made of silver, who has worn Indian costumes – dhoti, sari etc.
  • In the temple premises their is 11 unbroken holdings, which are ignited with oil(desi ghee), burn continuously.
  • After fulfilling their wishes, devotees come here and light a lamp, which can cost from Rs. 125 to Rs. 1.25 lakh.


In summers, the temple opens at 4:40 in the morning and closes at 10:30 in the evening. Whereas, the morning aarti started at 6:30 AM and evening aarti at 7:00 PM.
In winters, devotees can visit the temple from 5:30 in the morning to 10 in the evening. Whereas, the morning is observed at 6:45 AM and evening aarti at 6:45 PM.

Click Below for Location

 Daresi Rd, Rawatpara, Sheb Bazar, Mantola, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282003

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