An Interview with Foodie and Influencer “Bhawna Mehta”

Welcome once again to our Interview series, where we talk with travelers, bloggers, influencers, fashion designers and many more people all around the globe and share their ideas, journey’s and tips.


Today, we have a discussion with an eminent Foodie,Blogger, Lifestyle and Food Influencer, Bhawna Mehta. Bhawna loves to explore different cuisines and culture around the world. So, let’s move to the discussion.

Questions & Answers

  1. Tell our readers about yourself and your blog.

I am a person who is full of life and love. I love to discover different cultures and cuisines. I have an Instagram page that is solely dedicated to my passion of exploration, due to pandemic the exploring part has been suffering a bit, but I still try to post relatable content on my page, from posting recipes to styling food and even posting the portraits of myself, it has it all.

  1. Who encourage you or inspire you for food blogging blogging or as an influencer.

My family, they encourage me the whole day, from cooking to being a hand model for my pictures, my family does it all. Everyone contributes to my page be it my sister who is my hand model, my mother who cooks, my brother who holds the backdrops and my father who gets everything I want. There is a friend of mine, who has been my biggest support since day one, Lakshay. If he weren’t there, I would not have been doing this in the first place. He encourages me when I am at my low and is even the first one to be happy for me when I do good, or achieve even the smallest of things. This pandemic would have been so hard if they all weren’t here.

  1. According to you how a person can maintain a healthy lifestyle, without going on diet.

I feel maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not as difficult as it seems, you don’t have to do heavy workout daily and survive on just boiled food or salads. A simple portion control can do the trick, eat everything you have been eating just control the portions and do simple exercises at home. What I do is, whenever I go out to eat at a restaurant, I try to eat healthy at home that day, this way I can maintain the healthy lifestyle.

  1. Which country’s cuisine do you like most.

For me it has to be Italian. The simple ingredients and rich flavours make it one of the best cuisines I’ve tried so far.

What’s life without Pasta anyway?

  1. Suppose you are in deserted island and you could only bring one ingredient (exclude salt and pepper) with you, then what it would be.

I’d bring some chaat masala, Nothing beats it in my list of ingredients to take. Also having watched Man vs Wild for a long time now, I think I’ll have plenty of sea food and coconuts to gorge on anyway. If were making it fancy, why not go the Indian way :p

Are we ever coming back though? I’d love to stay for a while :p

  1. Which is your favourite Dessert.

 For me, there are no favourites when it comes to desserts. I am not at all fussy when it comes to them. I am a big dessert person, whenever I go out, I save some space for dessert always. Although, chocolate is a no go for me, so I always prefer fruit based desserts over chocolate ones.

  1. Between savory and sweet dishes, which one you like.

I will always choose savoury over sweet, You can’t really ask me to have laddoos over momos, Given that I’m a delhite. Savoury leads the way for me, The plethora of flavours, the extend to which you can go on it is immense. Just saying, Momos have my heart if in anycase my future date is reading this.

  1. Have you met anyone interesting/famous on your blogging journey.

 I have met a lot of people in these three years, but the most interesting and talented person I met is Jatin, he has a page by the name of “Dawatehind” on Instagram. He is amazing at what he does and has a kind heart. Last year has been tough for me both emotionally and professionally, and he has been there to support me in everything. After meeting him I have grown as a person and a content creator. He is my best friend and always got my back.

So, that’s all about Bhawna Mehta and her foodie journey. I would like to thanks Bhawna for sharing their journey with us and I desire for prosperous future for her. I hope all our readers enjoyed this session.

You can follow Bhawna to know more about her journey on instagram @_adatewithlife_. If you like our session then follow, like and comment.

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