“Tender Coconut” A Gift of Nature

Tender Coconut is considered as the super food because of its nutritional and health benefits. Tender Coconut water and its pulp is consumed by around the world as a tasty medicine. Apart from the medicinal uses of tender coconut, coconut husk is also used as an alternative to fuel, making husk ropes, floor mats and many more.


Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Blood Pressure Control

Nutrients in coconut water like Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium helps in reducing your blood pressure.

Prevent Kidney Stones

Coconut water helps in dissociation of kidney stones by reducing crystal formation.

Antioxidant Properties for Stress Management

Having the antioxidants properties that protects from damage caused by free radicals.

Weight Loss

coconut water contains low calories, thus control your hunger pangs.

Control Diabetes

It is a source of magnesium which helps in controlling type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

After Prolonged Workout

Electrolytes present in the coconut water maintain fluid balance and replenish electrolytes lost during exercise.

Promotes Digestion

The fibre present in coconut water helps in digestion.

Increase Platelet Count

Electrolytes, Minerals and Vitamins present in coconut water helps in increasing platelets and cure many diseases such as dengue.

Disclaimer- All Above Image Source is from Pixabay.com

Coconut Water helps to Protect from Corona Virus

Coconut water contains thiamin, riboflavin, folates and having anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that can help increase your body’s immune system and protects you from covid 19

Nutritional Value

Image Source:. hepeacefulrunner.com

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