Country’s Best Desserts in Goa

Apart from shiny beaches, white waterfalls and mesmerizing greenery, Goa is having more things to explore that gives you a reason to visit Goa again and again and it is Goa’s delicious desserts even best than Delhi’s International Desserts. The Goa is the country’s best destination for your sweet tooth cravings and special Portuguese desserts.

Where & What to Eat in Goa

blueberry souffles at marrc brown corner goa
Souffles (Image Source:
  1. Incredible Cupcakes & Souffles at Marc Brown Corner, Panjim.
Image Source
  1. Delicious Jalebi at Mishra Peda,Panjim.
tiramisu cake goa
Tiramisu (Image Source:
  1. Italian Cake, Tiramisu at Brittos, Baga.
Bebinca (Image Sorce:
  1. Multi Layer Cake, Bebinca at Martin’s Beach Corner.
Alle Belle
Alle Belle (Image Source:
  1. Coconut and Jaggery Crepes known as ALLE BELLE at NOSTALGIA.
Patoleo (Image Source:
  1. Try PATOLEO for catholic feast at HILDA MASCARENHAS.
cakes in goa
Image Source:
  1. Decades old, Cafe Central, Panjim for the delicious and healthy Cakes.
Photo by David Disponett on
  1. The Cream Pump, Ice Cream Truck, Arpora for the fresh Fruits Ice Cream

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