Conversation with an Instagram Sensation & Foodie Girl “Reetika Anand”

discussion with Instagram sensation and blogger

Welcome once again to our Interview series, where we talk with travelers, photographers, bloggers, influencers, fashion designers and many more people all around the globe and share their ideas, journey’s and tips.


Today we have a very special guest, a pure punjabi and foodie girl “Reetika Anand”. Reetika is totally moody and foodie who also loves to travel. Moving to the Reetika, let’s have a quick discussion.

Questions & Answers

  1. Please tell us about yourself and your blog?

Hi I am Reetika Anand from @tempting_tales, a proper Punjabi Delhi girl who loves to eat, sleep, do Bhangra and travel.

The page has always been about food but initially, I used to experiment with fashion as well and now I have started to incorporate budget travel. Tempting Tales has been my identity for 3 years now and I can’t be prouder of how diversified it has been regarding different genres of blogging

  1. When and why did you start blogging?

During my post-graduation days, I was going through bit of a rough patch and needed something to keep myself occupied over a longer duration of time. I was bouncing off with ideas when an old friend suggested to explore my interest in food a bit more and hence the idea of food blogging was conceived.

discussion with Instagram sensation and blogger
  1. What’s your signature dish?

Pasta in bechamel sauce but I can cook kick ass pulao if you want something desi.

  1. Do you try out interesting dishes that you come across in restaurants when you go for reviews?

Always. I always ask the staff what they would recommend. So, I go for a mix of dishes of their recommendation and something that’s a must have for a restaurant. In this way, the review can be as leveled and unbiased as it can be.

  1. Name any two main ingredients that you mostly use to make your recipe delicious & finger licking?

I don’t think there is a certain ingredient that would repeat in all the recipes but if you ask this question to my mum, she would disagree say there’s only one (not two) main ingredient and that’s love.

discussion with Instagram sensation and blogger
  1. What’s your favourite dish and your favourite dessert?

There’s nothing more elegant than a plate of creamy butter chicken with Naan topped off with piping hot Gulab Jamun

  1. Is there any dish that you still want to try but didn’t have it due to any reasons?

There’s plenty I haven’t tried yet. I genuinely want to try authentic Japanese noodles dipped in soup with a boiled egg on top. I have tried a couple of dishes here in Delhi but they don’t seem like they are doing justice to the original recipe. I guess traveling for the real deal is the only remaining option.

discussion with Instagram sensation and blogger

We would like to thanks Reetika for giving us her precious time and for this lovely discussion. I desire for prosperous future for Reetika. I hope all our readers enjoyed this session.

You can follow Reetika to know more about her journey on Instagram @tempting_tales. If you like our session then follow, like and comment.


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