Conversation with Food Reviewer & Blogger “Radhika Aggarwal”

Welcome once again to our Interview series, where we talk with travelers, photographers, bloggers, influencers, fashion designers and many more people all around the globe and share their ideas, journey’s and tips.


Today we have a discussion with a girl behind the “Foody Bliss”. Foody Bliss is an Instagram page, runs by our guest Radhika Aggarwal. Radhika is a blogger & food reviewer who loves to eat and repeat. Apart from blogging she is also interested in digital marketing & journalism. Moving to the Radhika, let’s have a quick discussion.

Questions & Answers

  1. Please tell us about yourself and your blog?

Currently I’m pursuing bachelor’s in journalism and mass communication, BJMC. Once I qualified my high school, I enrolled myself into digital marketing and cybersecurity in terms of diploma courses. Which served me right to survive the food blogging. Learning news trends in the food industry intrigue me which leads to numerous exploration, later those places are showcased on my page, my motto is to bring the best food-related content to my viewers so that they can devour the true taste of Delhi.

  1. What is the story behind your blog’s name?

I created my Instagram page back in 2018 by the name of xfoodiex, later I had an epiphany that my love for food is something way more magical than I can ever express, putting it into words will always be the hardest so to explain my true love for food will basically be, a state of mind elaborated in one word ‘blissful’; bliss is a state of eternal happiness. So I renamed my page as FOODY BLISS because the food and its appealing aroma, the presence of taste in my mouth take me to my wonderland where I savour every bite.

interview with food blogger
  1. What is your first food memory?

I visited Ardor 2.1 which is located in Connaught Place, for a bloggers table. It was my first bloggers meet, and a very different feeling. I was nervous and excited at the same time. Eventually made some new friends and got recognition among bloggers, I had a really great time. Also, Foody Bliss had more than 5000 followers at the time.

  1. As a food reviewer on what parameters you give your review’s?

I always start my review with something positive, then follow with constructive criticism, and close by another positive to avoid demoralising.

Usually, positive reviews lead to awareness about the place among the people, whereas criticism plays a major role to improve yourself. Our food industry needs to realise you can’t be real without being honest, so in order to understand the process to excel in the food marketing business, one should know its audience before the place serves. Also, a bad review is a golden opportunity to improve the quality of work

  1. What are the difficulties you faced during the initial stage of your blogging?

Being very honest difficulty is something you will find everywhere and the struggle is still there in the field, it’s up to your hard work and dedication which leads to success. Though I also believe, presentation is something that matters the most, because the current trend is ‘being aesthetic’. And initial stages huddles were pretty common, fewer opportunities less invite, etc. The real deal is to let the ball spinning in the game because once you establish quality content you need to beat your own performance to set a new benchmark.
So before saying that “blogging is the easiest thing to do” and “anyone can do it” I suggest you think twice. In reality, blogging is a full-time job and requires dedication, patience, creativity, commitment, marketing skills, and so much more.


interview with food blogger
  1. What are the difficulties you faced during the initial stage of your blogging?

I like all sort of food but my heart melts every time when I see that fluffy, crispy bhature come straight out of a wok full of oil and the delightful taste of chole fulfils the idea of a stomach full of joys, talking about cuisines I am a huge fan of the Indian cuisine which has mixtures of exotic flavours from different cultures that gives a versatile menu so I will say East or West Indian cuisine is the best.

  1. Have you met anyone interesting/famous on your blogging journey?

Some of the most hardworking and adorable human beings I have come across during my blogging period will be
Pooja ( globe__and__gluttony ), Yukta ( _moodie_fooodie ), Jyotica ( foodiebaniya ), Srishti and Vaibhav ( riseofflavours ), Kashish ( veggie_station ) and many more

  1. What do you think is the best social media strategy for getting more visitors to a blog?

The Instagram algorithm keeps on changing and that constant change is a great thing. Some influencers think that the constant change in algorithm must be the reason their content no longer performs well enough, but few points to keep in mind to grow are :

  • Be very consistent, post at least once or twice a day.

  • Try shooting fun videos/ Go live.

  • Use relevant hashtags in your posts and stories.

  • Know your audience and try coming up with something new.

  • Share fellow bloggers content and support them.

  • Collaborate with brands. ( Paid/ Barter)

  • Conduct Giveaway/Contests & Cross-post.

interview with food blogger

We would like to thanks Radhika for giving us her precious time and for this lovely discussion. I desire for prosperous future for Radhika. I hope all our readers enjoyed this session.

You can follow Radhika to know more about her journey on Instagram @foody_bliss & on Facebook @foody.bliss.1. If you like our session then follow, like and comment.


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