Food Delicacy from North East India that will Make your Salivary Glands Happy

North East India is considered as the “Abode of God” because of mesmerizing views of Hills & Valleys, relaxing environment and the most interesting thing is the lip smacking food of North East India. Try the North East food on your trip to North East Indian states or cities and enjoy the delicacy that is different from any other part of India.

  1. Smoked Pork- Authentic Nagaland Food
smoked pork of nagaland
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Smoked Pork is the delicacy of Nagaland. Smoked Pork is the locals favorite dish over all the meat dishes. The Smoked Pork is prepared by using the famous Raja Mirchi or Bhut Jholokia known to be two of the hottest chillies in the world. The dish is crispy hot outside and yummy and smooth from inside.

  1. Thukpa- Delicacy of Arunachal Pradesh
thukpa in arunachal pradesh
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Thukpa is the favourite dish of the Arunachal Pradesh but originally it was an authentic dish of Tibet, modified in Arunachal. Thukpa is prepared using flat noodles in thick Thai gravy having some veggies in it. Thukpa is mostly eaten during winters to stay warm.

  1. Khar- Assamese Dish
khar in assam
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In Assam your food is incomplete without Khar. It is the most eaten dish in Assam, involves the unique way of preparation using raw papaya and pulses as a main ingredient. Khar is tossed in Assam spices served hot with traditional dishes.

  1. Pitha- Snack of Assam
pitha in assam
Image Source: hindustan

Pitha is the most popular and delicious snack of Assam. It is generally consumed in breakfast made by blend of rice and spices using sugar or salt then it is fried or barbecue in bamboo stem that gives an extra ordinary taste. The pitha is either sweet or savory and best tasted with the curd or jaggery.

  1. Jadoh- Authenticity of Meghalaya
jadoh in meghalaya
Image Source: Memorableindia

Jadoh is the authentic dish of Meghalaya. Generally it is a type of biryani that is prepared in the Meghalayan style. It is prepared using Amrmbrosial rice, speciality of Meghalaya which gives pleasant smell and made with using less oil, makes it a healthy and nutritive dish. It is made using both veg and non- veg ingredients.

  1. Chikhvi- Pork From Tripura
chikhvi in tripura
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Chikhvi is a special aromatic dish of Tripura that will definitely makes your tongue happy. It is prepared by using bamboo sticks and pork slices as main ingredients while other ingredients include green chillies, green papaya, turmeric, rice floor and roasted herbs.

  1. Kelli Chana- Traditional Snack from Manipur
kelli chana in manipur
Image Source: livingfoodz

Kelli chana is a traditional snack served in Manipur from years. The dish was named on a lady whose name is kelli and was selling the spicy chickpeas under the tree. After this, the dish becomes popular and liked by locals and foreigners of Manipur. Kelli chana is prepared using chickpeas as main ingredient and tossed in herbs and spices for the rich taste.

  1. Jol Paan- Traditional Dish from Assam
Image Source:betterbutter

Jol Paan is the traditional breakfast of Assam which is liked by all vegetarians. Jol Paan is a mixture of rices such as plain rice and puffed rice and then mixed with Jaggery and curd which gives an awesome finger licking taste. apart from the taste this dish is also boost your energy in the morning.

  1. Chire Doi Aam- Sweet Poha Tripura Style
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Chire Doi Aam is generally a sweet poha with a hint of mango made in Tripura for the rich breakfast. This dish is prepared as a porridge with nuts, mango and mixed with curd that gives a smooth and luscious taste.


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