Tirthan Valley Travel Guide- A Treat of Nature

Tirthan Valley is located in the Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh surrounded by the Great Himalayan National Park. Tirthan Valley is having something for all the visitors and also it is one of the most peaceful place of Himachal Pradesh. Tirthan valley is ideal for adventure activities and it is a gift of nature to the living beings. So head to this beautiful place, do some hip hipping or just relax in the arm of nature at the Riverside homes.


Best Time to Visit

March to June is the best time to visit here

How to Reach Tirthan Valley


Tirthan Valley What to see, Where to live, Places to visit, Things to do and What to eat

  1. Explore Jalori Pass- A Road Full of Adventure
Jalori Pass less explored road
Source : tour my india

Jalori Pass is located at an altitude of 10800 feet, on Shimla to Tirthan Road. This road trip is full of adventure and thrill. It is the less explored pass of Himachal, full of narrow curves and fun with mesmerizing views of the valley. Jalori pass is also an ideal destination for trekking. Jalori Pass remain closed during winter season.

Ideal For

Trek, Sightseeing, Picnic & Adventurous Road Trip

Click Below for Location on Map

Jalori Pass, Jalori, Sajwar, Himachal Pradesh 172026
  1. Trek to Sirolsar Lake- Serene Lake in the Middle of Forest
sirolsar lake jibhi himachal
Source: thehostalgic

Sirolsar Lake or Seruvalsar and Manimahesh Lake is located at an elevation of 3100 meter above M.S.L and it is considered as the most beautiful and magical lake of Himachal. Sirolsar Lake water is said to be possess medicinal properties. This lake is looks like a scene of a movie or like a wallpaper. You will fall in love of beauty of this lake. Trek to this lake from Jalori top which takes approx. 2 hours.


Ideal For

Trekking & Sightseeing

Click Below for Location on Map

Seruvalsar and Manimahesh Lake, Himachal Pradesh 172026
  1. Trek to The Great Himalayan National Park
great himalayan national park tirthan
Source: tirthanvalley

The Great Himalayan National Park is located in Banjaar and contains four valleys, of which Tirthan Valley is a part. The trek to the park from Tirthan is full of adventure and covered with lush green forest, colorful flowers and rivers. This trek is a complete package of fun and thrill that you will never forgot.

Ideal For

Birds Watching, Wildlife, Trekking, Camping & Sightseeing
  1. Visit Shoja Village- For making Snowman in the Most Silence Village
shoja village for snowfall
Source: mediaindia

Shoja village is just few kilometers away from the Jalori Pass. The Shoja Village is a very beautiful and charming place where you can rejuvenate your soul while relaxing under the arm of nature and enjoying the silence beauty of the village, covered with snow. Enjoy the snowfall in this village and make snowman, snow balls, or any other things of your choice.

Ideal For

Snow Lover’s, Nature Lover’s and Silence

Click Below for Location on Map

Shoja, Himachal Pradesh 175123
  1. Go for Fishing in the Tirthan River
fishing in tirthan river
Source: troutadventure

Fishing is the most popular activity to do in the Tirthan River. Most probably fishing is the activity that you will never done before and also it will give you a whole new experience of fishing.

Click Below for Location on Map

Tirthan RIver, Himachal Pradesh
  1. Trek to the Chhoie Waterfall
chhoie waterfall in tirthan valley
Source: clicksandtales

Chhoie waterfall is the most famous tourist attraction of Tirthan Valley. Chhoie falls is the most charming and amazing waterfall in the middle of forest. You need to trek to this fall from village Gai Dhar, which takes approx. 40 minutes.

Ideal For

Photography, Scenic Beauty & Romantic Place

Click Below for Location on Map

Sharchi, Himachal Pradesh 175123
  1. Staying in the Riverside Homes
riverside homestays in tirthan valley
Source: tripadvisor

Explore the Tirthan valley and stay in the riverside homes available near the Tirthan River. Relax in the homestays and feel the breeze and enchanting sound of water and nature. Its really an exciting and new experience that will make your heart lost.

Click Below for Location on Map

Sharchi, Himachal Pradesh 175123
  1. Jibhi- Experience the Himalayan Culture and Homestays
jibhi tirthan valley
Source: deyorcamps

Jibhi is the most beautiful small town of Himachal located 12 kms from Jalori Pass & 8 kms from Banjar. The road route for reaching Jibhi is extremely amazing and will definitely relish you. Jibhi is surrounded by lush green forest and pine trees. It is also popular and one of the best place for staying and experiencing the Himalayan culture.

Ideal For

Homestays & Himalayan Culture

Click Below for Location on Map

Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh 175123
  1. Local Food to Try in Tirthan Valley
local food in tirthan valley
Source: makemytrip

Taste the local food of Tirthan Valley and explore the Himalayan cuisines. Tirthan is having many options of delicious and mouth watering food, available in your homestays or in restaurants all over in Tirthan Valley.

Local Food To Try

Trout Fish, siddu, Organic Mutton, Chilada ( local Pancake) Rajma Rice & drink chakti or lugri (Local Beer)


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