Elk Hill Murugan Temple- Replica of Batu Caves Malaysia

elk hill murugan temple

Elk Hill Murugan Temple is located in Ooty, in the state of Tamil Nadu. Elk Hill Murugan Temple is Hindu temple dedicated to lord Murugun. If you ever visited Batu Cave in Malaysia, then you will wonder to see that the Murugan Temple is the perfect replica of Batu Caves of Malaysia.

The temple is having a 40 ft statue of Lord Murugun, surrounded by rich flora and fauna, which makes devotee happy feeling. The temple is the perfect place for the picnic. Lost in the scenic beauty that surrounds the temple and do yoga or meditation.

elk hill murugan temple ooty
Source: tripadvisor

Best Time to Visit

January & February

Entry Tickets



No Restrictions

How to Reach

The temple is within few kilometres from Ooty Bus Stand. You can hire taxi or jeep from bus stand to Temple.

Click Below for Location on Map

Elk Hill, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643001

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