Divine Tour of “Amarkantak” The King of Pilgrimages


Amarkantak is the unique heritage located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. Amarkantak is known as teerthraj, the king of pilgrimages, where famous poet sant kabir meditated. It is also the meeting point of the Vindhya and Satpura ranges and the origin of holy river Narmada, Son & Johila. Amarkantak is also known for it’s medicinal plants.

How to Reach Amarkantak

By Air- Bilaspur Airport is the nearest airport (within 130 kms) to reach Amarkantak.

By Train- Pendara Road is the nearest railhead (within 32 kms) to reach Amarkantak.

By Road- Well connected with all nearby cities by road transport buses and taxi’s.

Best Time to Visit Amarkantak

Monsoon & Winter’s are the best season’s for visiting

Things to Do, Places to Visit, Shopping & Where to Stay in Amarkantak

  1. Dugdh Dhara Waterfalls- Milky Water Falls
dudh dhara waterfalls amarkantak
Source: apnapanchoo

Dugdh or Doodh Dhara Waterfalls is the second waterfall of Narmada. It is one of the most visited places of Amarkantak as you will mesmerize by the beauty of this falls because it resembles to a milky white water. This waterfall is the best place for the picnic and it is not accessible through road as one have to walk for few hundreds meters to reach here.

Click Below for Location on Map

Madhya Pradesh 481884
  1. Kapil Dhara Falls- First Waterfall of Narmada
kapil dhara falls
Source: tripadvisor

Kapil Dhara Falls is a 100 ft. waterfalls that is surrounded by the beautiful green forest and having many caves where several Sages (sants) meditated, according to the Indian Mythology. The name of waterfall is on the famous Sage Kapil, who meditated here for years.

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Madhya Pradesh 484886
  1. Sonmuda- Tranquil & Pleasant Place
Source: suresuccess

Sonmuda is known for the origin of River Sone. It is the most peaceful place of amarkantak and also one of the beautiful place. The sonmuda is having the view point from where one can enjoy the panoramic view of the hills and forest.  According to Megasthanes and other Aryan writers the river Sone gets its name from gold as the gold dust is found in the water of Sone.

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Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh 484886
  1. Sonakshi Shaktipeeth Temple & Narmada Kund
sonakshi shaktipeeth and narmada kund

Amarkantak is also having the shaktipeeth temple dedicated to Goddess Durga. The temple is among the 51 shaktipeeths of India. It is visited by thousands of devotees every year and take a holy bath in the divine kund, also it is the best place for seeing the Sone river and the beauty of the hills from the nearby hillside point.

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Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh 484886
  1. Ancient Temple of Kalachuri- Pataleshwar Mahadev Temple
kalachuri ancient temples
Source: detecher

The ancient temple of Kalachuri was bulit in the supervision of Kalachuri Maharaja Karnadeva during 1042 – 1072 AD. The Pataleshwar Mahadev temple shows the brilliant architecture of Kalachuri, The Pateleshwar Temple is crowned with a pancharath sikhara and has a pyramidal mandap. It is also having other temples such as Johila Temple, Shiv Temple, trimukhi temple & Pancha Math Temple.

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Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh 484886
  1. Shri Yantra Mandir- Depicts the 3-D Projection of Shri Yantra
shri yantra mandir
Source: tripadvisor

Shri Yantra Mandir is the historical hindu temple that sculptures Hindu god and goddesses & a circular enclosure. The temple architects the 3-D view of Shri yantra having four heads which represent the faces of Goddess Laxmi, Saraswati, Kali & Bhuvaneshwari.

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Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh 484886
  1. Narmade Anandam- Dinner in a Tree House Restaurant
tree house restaurant
source: justdial

While your visit to Amarkantak, having dinner in the tree house restaurant is the best idea that makes your trip a memorable moment of your life. Dine in the classy tree house restaurant and enjoy the delicious meal with the touch of nature.

Click Below for Location on Map

In front of Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Dhuni Pani Road, Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh 484886
  1. Where to Stay in Amarkantak
staying in amarkantak holiday  homes
Source: makemytrip

Amarkantak is having various resorts and hotels for the tourist depending on the cost and location one can choose their own. But we recommend the holiday homes of Amarkantak for better exploring and enjoying the life and beauty of the city.

Recommended Home-stays and Hotels

MPT or Amarkantak Holiday Homes & Narmade anandam resorts
  1. S for Shopping

Apart from the beautiful hills, tranquility and divine places, Amarkantak is also famous for their medicinal plants. So, next time at your visit shop for the exceptional medicinal plants and hand made medicinal products from the Amarkantak.

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