5 Best Winter Treks in India

best winter treks in india

Sunkissed paths, Icy glow water, white snowy road and snow covered trees and lakes are some glimpses of the winter treks of India. Passing by the cold winds and snow covered trails are the experiences that is waiting for you during the trekking in winter in the Himalayas and other mountain ranges in India. These trails are completely heaven for the winter lover’s and for the winter trekkers.

  1. Singalila Sandakphu Trek- All in One Adventures Trek
Singalila Sandakphu Trek
Source: trekkingtours

Singalila Sandakphu Trek is the beautiful trek of the Himalayas and definitely a complete package of thrill and full of Adventure trek. This trek will give you a treat of Nature that will show you the tallest ranges of the mountains such as Everest and Kanchenjunga ranges. Trekkers will experienced the mesmerizing sunview’s, endangered species such as red panda during their journey.


Dhontrey – Tonglu – Garibas – Sandakphu – Phalut – Rammam – Rimbik – Darjeeling

Difficulty – Moderate

Location – West Bengal

Trek Duration – 7 days

  1. Nag Tibba Trek – Divine & Budget Trek
nag tibba trek
Source: deyorcamps

Nag Tibba Trek starts from the Dehradun and one of the easiest and short trek, especially most recommended for the weekends getaways for the people of Delhi NCR. The trail is full of lush green environment and also snow covered treks. On your trek pay a visit to the Nag temple.


Dehradun – Pantwari – Nagtibba – Devalsari – Thatyur

Difficulty – Easy

Location – Uttrakhand

Trek Duration – 3-5 days

  1. Kedar Kantha Trek – Queen of Winter Trek
kedar kantha trek
Source: youtube

Kedar Kantha trek is the most beautiful trek and starts from the sankri then to Juda ka Talaab or simply Jaadu Talaab, an enthralling lake. This trek is the top choice for the beginners. During your Trek experience the mesmerising landscapes, exciting trails, and snow-white meadows.


 Sankri – Juda-ka-Talab – Kedar Kantha Base – Kedar Kantha peak – Hargaon camp – Sankri

Difficulty – Medium

Location – Sankri, Uttrakhand

Trek Duration – 6-7 days

  1. Brahmatal Trek – Heaven for Snow Lover’s
brahmatal trek
Source: indiahikes

Located at the 12,600 feet, this trek is the paradise for the snow seekers. The hike is full of snow and it looks like a fairy tale covered with snowy meadows with white lakes. This trek is the first choice for the winter trek. Starts from the Kathgodam ends at Brahmatal Top.



 kathgodam – lohajung– bekaltal – brahamatal top – daldum – lohajung – kathgodam

Difficulty – Medium

Location – Kathgodam, Uttrakhand

Trek Duration – 6-7 days

  1. Dayara Bugyal Trek – Most Easiest Trek of Uttrakhand
dayara bugyal trek
Source: justwravel

Dayara Bugyal perhaps is the most easiest trek of uttrakhand, located at an elevation of 3900 meters. The trail covering an lush green meadows with snowy passage. The trail is green in summer and becomes snowy white in winter with snow peaked mountains.


 Barsu/Raithal Village – Barnala Bugyal – Dayara Bugyal – Bakariya Top

Difficulty – Easy

Location – Barsu, Uttrakhand

Trek Duration – 5-6 days

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