Christmas Celebrating Ideas at Home

Christmas celebration ideas at home

The Christmas bells are about to ring and all of us waiting for celebrating the Christmas Eve. The Santa will come and fulfils our all desires. The evenings are going to be melodious and the whole environment will become joyful. Celebrate the Christmas with these amazing ideas while at home.


Making Christmas Face Mask

Christmas face masks
Source: pinterest

During this time of COVID-19 it is the best idea to do in X-mas is making the face masks on Christmas theme. The face mask may be on the Rain Deer, Santa, X-mas tree, etc of your choice. You may also make Santa Claus mask at home.

For tutorial visit Easy Craft Hacker & DIY Anna.


Hosting Virtual Christmas Party

christmas virtual party
Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on

Enjoy the Christmas Eve with your friends and family members virtually. Host the virtual X-mas party at home. Decorate your home with X-mas theme and enjoy the food.


X-mas Tea Party with Plum Cake

plum cake recipe
Photo by Nicole Michalou on

Celebrate Christmas with some special dish. Bake the Christmas plum and carrot cake at your home and enjoy the day with a tea.

For Plum Cake Recipe Click here


Sing a X-mas Carol and make X-mas Tree

Christmas carol and tree
Photo by Nicole Michalou on

X-mas is not complete until you sing a Christmas carol and decorate the Christmas tree. You may also make artificial cardboard X-mas tree and decorate it according to your way or decorate your garden tree in the X-mas style.

For unique Christmas tree decoration ideas at home click here


Watch a Christmas Movie at Home

watch Christmas movies
Photo by Vlada Karpovich on

The fantastic and best way to celebrate the Christmas is watching movie with popcorn and plum cake and don’t forget to sip a cup of tea or coffee.


Christmas Photo Booth

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on

Gather all your funny articles and ornamentals or hand made X-mas specials props. Select your favourite for a funny, entertaining and unique clicks at your randomised home made photo booth.


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