10 Kick Ass Gift Ideas for the Chefs or Food Lovers who Have Everything!!

10 kick ass gift ideas for the chefs

Is there a chef in your life? Lucky you! Want to keep those delicious meals coming? Look no further than our list of the best kitchen gifts! Everything on this gift guide will win the heart of your home chef or your favorite chef friend, and maybe they’ll use one of these kitchen gadgets to whip you up a gourmet meal!


1. Recipe Book

recipe book

Have that friend who’s always watching cooking shows and making references to pecan pies and spherical olives? Get them a recipe book with over-the-top dish ideas.

2. Blender


For a cook that never runs out of ideas on what to cook, give them a gift of possibilities with a powerful blender.

3. Glass Containers

glass container

No need for tons of mismatched plastic ware for a cook who knows some foods taste better as leftovers when you can give them a round glass container set for a healthy them and a healthy planet. 

4. Quirky Apron

quirky apron

If they are one of those ‘baking bad in the kitchen but keeping it clean underneath’ type, they definitely need a quirky apron as a gift.

5. Food Journal

food journal

 If your aspiring superstar chef ALSO loves scrapbooks (ehhm…me) get them a food journal, a place to jot down all of their ideas, experiences, restaurant reviews, and recipes!

6. Customized Cutting Board

customized cutting board

They can never have too many cutting boards, especially when they’re customized, yea bro…it’s a thing!!

7. Whisk Wiper

whisk wiper

For the baker who is always found whipping up something artisan and yummy in the kitchen, give them a whisk wiper for saving all the extra batter that would normally go to waste. 

8. Pie Cutter

pie cutter

Whether just learning how to make a pie or perfecting a pie crust from scratch, a pie cutter is a must-have for your baker friend. Go on and help them thwart squabbles at the table, at least over the larger piece of dessert.

9. Cookbook


Cookbook ends for an upcoming chef who is tired of having so many cookbooks piled up all over the house.

10. A Chef Mat

chef mat

A chef’s mat for that wonderful chef to cut down on the back and knee pain they might get by being on their feet all day long.

Please feel free to make other gift suggestions in the comments section. We love hearing from you.

Make it a Yummy day!!

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