“Chaat King” of India

Who’s Behind the ‘Chaat King’ Hardayal Maurya Ji is eminently known as Chaat King of India. He is the only man behind the most popular “Basket Chaat” of Royal Cafe in Lucknow. The Story Hardayal Maurya Ji is having magics in their hands, that’s why their chaat become famous all over the world. He startedContinue reading ““Chaat King” of India”

Authentic and Finger Licking Street Food at Street Food Capital “Indore”

Flying Dahi Vada at Joshi’s Have this delicious Dahi Vada at joshi’s, filled with creamy curd and traditional masala. The speciality of this Vada is, it is prepared while flying in the air and this shop is run by decades from grand father to grand son. Tip Other options to try is khopra patties, pohaContinue reading “Authentic and Finger Licking Street Food at Street Food Capital “Indore””

Incredible Bahubali Thali’s in India That Taste Like Heaven

Ardor 2.1, Delhi- Modi Ji 56 Inch Bahubali Thali If you are searching for all in one thali from different states then your search ends here, Ardor is serving Modi Ji 56 Inch Bahubali Thali, that will satisfy your all desires. Along this Ardor is also having United India Thali, Kejriwal Chinese Thali, etc whichContinue reading “Incredible Bahubali Thali’s in India That Taste Like Heaven”

International Desserts in Delhi

These Desserts Should be at Top in Your Dessert Cravings List Dorayaki- A Japanese Dessert Dorayaki, most famous Japanese confection. It is a pancake filled with sweet red bean paste. Dorayaki is also known as Dora Cakes, as you see in most famous Doraemon cartoon serial. Where Kofuku, Khel Gaon Road, New Delhi Cost INRContinue reading “International Desserts in Delhi”

Biryani Paradises of India

Top 8 Divine and Flavorsome Biryani Outlets In India Bawarchi Restaurant, Hyderabad– Serving Since Two Decades More than two decades old, bawarchi is known for its aromatic Hyderabadi biryani. Hyderabad is considered to be as heaven for biryani lovers and bawarchi restaurant is fulfilling this dream. Must Try Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani Average Cost for Two-Continue reading “Biryani Paradises of India”