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A Guest post on Wellness Foods: Facts & Myths by AK Jain, communication head at Misrii. Since the age of modernization, the global population has become accustomed to adopting a fast lifestyle that involves packaged food, fast foods which increases the cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar content in the body ultimately giving way to numerous […]

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Safe Travel Tips & Guidelines During Corona (COVID 19)

travel safety measures and guidelines in covid 19

Everyone who loves to travel and explore are waiting for getting over this pandemic. Now the good news is that some states of India are welcoming the tourists but with some safe travel guidelines. Today we are sharing some tips for travel during the Corona or post lockdown and safety guidelines for tourist. Safety Guidelines […]

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“Tender Coconut” A Gift of Nature

Tender Coconut is considered as the super food because of its nutritional and health benefits. Tender Coconut water and its pulp is consumed by around the world as a tasty medicine. Apart from the medicinal uses of tender coconut, coconut husk is also used as an alternative to fuel, making husk ropes, floor mats and […]

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